Hinges have countless applications in all branches of industry, such as the furniture industry, appliance industry, car industry, etc.

We manufacture a wide range of custom-made industrial hinges that meet the strictest requirements regarding quality and sustainability, such as piano hinges, special hinges, pivots and conveyor belts.Because of the many possibilities in execution and customization.

We can meet your demands in almost any case.Years of experience and constant innovation allow us to offer you an excellent price-performance ratio against attractive conditions.

We can manufacture hinges with a maximum material thickness of up to 6 mm. For all metal goods, we can provide in small or large series.

                                                     Below you can see a number of custom-made hinges:

Scharnier RVS 1mm
Scharnier Staal 5mm
Scharnier RVS 5mm
Scharnier RVS 2mm rond
Scharnier Staal met KTL behandeling
Scharnier met veer

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We are convinced we can make you an attractive offer.